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For the past nine years, The Crossing has encouraged people to do Christmas differently. We [Worship Fully] the newborn King, [Spend Less] on gifts, and [Give More] relational gifts. With the money we save, we [Love All] in radical ways. For many of our families, we donate the money we saved to Living Water International to drill fresh water wells for those who desperately need clean water. These four simple tenets make up a world-wide movement called Advent Conspiracy. You can find more about [AC] at

It’s More Than Water

Participating in [AC] is more than water for many families. They celebrate Christmas different. They stop going into debt. And, most important, they center their hearts on Jesus. A fresh water well in a place like Zimbabwe provides more than water. It promotes education because children can go to school instead of walking miles every day for water. It empowers women to care for their families instead of risk their safety while collecting water. It improves health and sanitation with access to clean, fresh water instead of using and consuming contaminated water.

Share Your Story

How has [AC] changed Christmas for you over the years? And what are your plans for this year? How is giving the gift of water more than just water for you and your family? We’d love to hear your story. Go to and share it with us. Sharing your story may inspire others to join the movement (or conspire with us.)

Here’s an easy way to start:

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] // OR // We're the [YOUR LAST NAME] family.
This Christmas I/we [YOUR STORY]. And that's why it's more than water for me/us.

On social media? Post your story with #MoreThanWater.

It’s that easy!

and the Kingdom Advances

The donations you gave are still at work
...right now

In Their Own Words

Three students at Kubatana Primary School in Epworth, Zimbabwe share why clean water is important for everyone. Their school received a fresh-water well in 2015 thanks to your generosity.

Impact of the Movement!

6 Countries

[AC] at The Crossing has donated water projects in Zimbabwe, India, Sierra Leone, Honduras, Guatemala, Liberia and El Salvador

250,000 People

Lives change around the globe when we choose to [Love All].

500 Wells

Each well demonstrates the love of the true King we [Worship Fully].
Will you join the movement?

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